Wisdom Tales

Just because a story isn’t about a real person in a real time and place, doesn’t mean adults and children alike won’t get completely rapt in the characters and the suspense of their quandaries.  Wisdom tales are among Sally’s most beloved folk tales because they leave audiences with a little insight.  Her favorites are those that jiggle a little “mmmmm” out of the audience as they’re thinking, Oh, that’s so true.  If only I could remember that every day.”

A Few Program Samples

  • When Love & Hatred Cannot Affect You — A program of beautiful wisdom and historical tales that weave around a Taoist passage that claims “When love & hatred cannot affect you; profit & loss cannot touch you; praise & blame cannot ruffle you . . . then you are honored by all the earth.”  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll think differently about your living.
  • When Love Requires Our Silence — Hear how a dog trainer, a tiger’s whisker, and a foolish king can deepen our own consideration of when our silence may be more important than our speech.
  • The Story of the Song — Be inspired by a collection of stories that will heighten your appreciation of musical pieces, musicians, and music makers you already know.

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