Storytelling Programs for Kids

Kids can’t sit still?  Oh yes, they can!  But they don’t always have to as Sally gets kids involved and engaged in the stories she tells them.  Sally tells kids stories at camps, schools, libraries, churches, and private parties.

Here are some of the programs she offers . . . or any other combination she can tailor to your needs.

  • Our Funny Habits — A collection of short folk tales with the common theme of some of our annoying habits.
  • Little People Doing Big Things — A collection of fun tales all about little people who make a big impact.
  • Why Are Things THAT Way? — A collection of folk tales that unscientifically answer questions like: why is the sky so high? What do owls only come out at night?  How did the moon and stars get into the sky?
  • A Night of Not-So-Scary Stories — Or more scary if the kids are older!  Fun stories especially for the Halloween season.
  • A View of Christmas From the Inside — A collection of fun Christmas stories that tell the hidden stories about Santa, the reindeer, and Mrs. Claus.