Scary Stories

Young or old, people come creeping and crawling out of the woodworks in October to hear scary stories.  If you’re young, Sally will make you feel a liiiiiittttle suspense, mostly make you giggle, and MAAAAAYBE make you jump once or twice.  If you’re older, she’ll try to scare your pants off!!   Nothing like ghost stories . . . outdoors . . .  in the dark of the night . . . under a full moon . . . at a cemetery . . . .

Just A Few Samples

For the Kids . . .

  • The One-Eyed Ghost — A family moves into a house on the hill and discovers that a ghost is living in the baby’s bedroom.  Only the baby is unafraid!
  • Feegbah the Pumpkin An African tale about a boy who gets chased by a giant pumpkin after thumping on its shell.
  • Sue’s Red Ribbon —  For younger kids.  Since they were little, Sue and Sam loved one another, but why does Sue wear that ribbon around her neck??  Does Sam really want to know?
  • Boo-Hags — For slightly older kids.   The Boo Hags can’t get into anyone’s house if the door and window frames are painted blue.  But if they’re not, then trouble’s coming.
  • Tillie Williams For older kids.  Tillie Williams insists on making the attic her bedroom, but what is that thing creeping up into her room at night??
  • Step Drag —  For older kids.  Four camp counselors are left alone for the weekend when  they begin to hear that step—-drag  sound coming closer and closer. . .

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For the Really Big Kids and Adults . . .

  • The Boy Next Door — An adaptation of Ellen Emerson White’s story of a teenage girl’s effort to outwit a threatening high school boy who comes into the ice cream shop while she’s working alone.  What a twist at the end of this story!
  • The Graveyard Rats—  An adaptation of Henry Kuttner’s story about a greedy gravedigger who seeks the treasure in a recently buried coffin, but is sucked into a horrifying rat tunnel under the graveyard.

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  • The Kit Bag — An adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s story about a dead criminal whose spirit comes after his kit bag, now in the hands of his attorney’s assistant.
  • The Ring — An adaptation of Margaret Bingley’s short story about a girl who acquires a ring that causes her to hear everyone’s thoughts.  What initially seems to give her power, turns into a psychological haunting.
  • The Empty House — An adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s story about a nephew and great-aunt who explore an old, empty house that was said to have been the scene of a brutal murder.