Origin Myths

Ever wonder why the sky is so high?  Why owls only come out at night?  How we got a sun and a moon?  How many flood stories there are around the world?  What other cultures’ creation stories are like?  Some of the greatest stories from folklore and myth offer creative explanations that delight us to hear.  Children love these stories, yet adults equally entranced!

A Few Samples

  • Why Owl Comes Out at Night — A fun South American story about how the Owl got its feathers and why it can only be seen at night.
  • Why The Sky is High — A folktale about how sky came to be sooooooooo far away from the earth.
  • Mrs. Glittens and Her Famous Mittens — A fun story about the year Mrs. Claus ran into trouble up at the North Pole.
  • Feegbah the Giant Pumpkin — An African tale about a boy who is chased by a giant pumpkin after thumping on its shell.
  • Babies in Baskets: Sargon, Romulus & Remus, Moses — Three ancient tales about influential men, all of whom floated down rivers in baskets when they were babies.
  • Deluges Across the Cultures: Manu & Noah —  Two ancient flood stories: one from the Hebrew tradition, the other from the Hindu tradition.
  • Creation According to the Ancients: Chinese, Norse, and Hebrew — Three different creation stories.