Folk Tales

Tricksters who fool, princesses who outsmart their pursuers, princes who use their brains as well as their brawn . . . all characters in folk tales from around the world.  Children and adults alike enjoy hearing these stories of adventure, wit, and charm.  Sally’s versions bring to life the colorful characters of these old tales, sometimes told in a new-fangled fashion.

A Few Samples

  • Little One Inch Boy — A Japanese folktale of a boy who seeks his fortune amid the dangers of being only one inch tall!
  • Mzilca — A Romanian tale of three daughters who seek to help their ailing father.  Mzilca must disguise herself as a man to serve the sultan!
  • The Princess Who Could Not Cry — A clever tale about a princess who was cursed with a laughing spell.
  • Natural Habits — Rabbit and Monkey each had habits that annoyed one another.  How did they manage to stay friends?
  • Little Red Riding Hood — The traditional story of the girl who encounters a wolf on her way to see her grandmother.
  • Little Red Riding Wolf — The traditional story with a twist.  The main character is a wolf-child rather than a girl-child!
  • The Three Princes — A beautiful Middle Eastern tale about three brothers in search of the ideal gift that would win the princess’s hand in marriage.
  • Little Two Eyes — A story of three sisters, one of whom has two-eyes.  The others, who have either one eye or three eyes, mistreat their sister.  How does she survive?