Family Stories

It’s not that you’re interested in hearing Sally’s life stories, so much as you’re interested in hearing stories about everyday life that we all can relate to!   We are better people when we can recall the bizarre, the absurd, the challenging, the mundane, and the profound in our lives through the stories we tell.  Sally’s personal stories, whether about dogs, parenting, or family vacations, are your stories.  So you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and maybe you’ll see things a little more clearly.


  • Good Mothers Lie — A humorous 45-minute story of a mother (Sally) who tells two travel stories from her own life in an effort to assure her young, anxious son that he and his dog will be safe during times of travel.  However, Sally discovers that the stories are failing to offer much comfort. A kernel of parental insight comes when she recalls her own father’s methods of offering her comfort as a child.

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  • Out of the Doghouse, Into the Heart — A humorous 45-minute story about the trials and tribulations of raising three poodles, all of whom gave Sally and her family a run for their money!
  • The Sibling Staircase — A humorous 45-50 minute story about a youngest child’s quest to find her place in life among her two older, talented sisters.  The story interweaves Sally’s quest with Greek myths and folk tales for a delightful and tender venture into sibling rivalry.

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  • My $10,000 Speech — A 20-25 minute story of Sally’s quest for a $10,000 scholarship.  What seemed like a perfectly reasonable competition turned out to be a disaster for which she was not prepared . . . but it was a disaster that ultimately gave her a career as a speech coach!
  • Barefoot in the Winter Humorous 10-15 minute story about “Bazbeaux,” the poodle who couldn’t resist eating the things he shouldn’t.
  • Popcorn Night — A 20-minute humorous story of a family popcorn ritual that drove a Midwestern family into a wild chase through downtown L.A.