Powerful storytelling performances drive a deep understanding of stories . . . which drives effective training & coaching . . . which drives powerful storytelling performances . . . which . . . (you get the picture)

As a Performer:

Sally’s commitment in every performance is to pull the audience out their daily march and into the world and adventures of someone else, real or fictional.  Whether telling a personal tale, historical tale, folk tale, or ghost tale, Sally’s goal is to enrapture her audiences through a tightly woven tale that touches a chord somewhere deep within.


  • National Storytelling Network’s JJ Reneaux Grant
  • Frank Basile Emerging Stories Fellowship
  • Commissions from: Storytelling Arts of Indiana, Indiana Historical Society, Indiana Landmarks, and Crown Hill Heritage Foundation

As a Trainer & Coach:

Sally’s deep understanding of storytelling from her performance work–plus her 30+ years as an award-winning professor–make her an engaging trainer who knows how adults learn.  She actively engages clients in crafting and telling stories that: Improve leadership. Increase sales. Raise funds. Recruit volunteers. Build communities.

Education & Awards:

  • Ph.D. in rhetorical studies from University of Kansas
  • Numerous outstanding teaching awards from California State University, Sacramento
  • Adjunct faculty member at Butler University